My LA Moment; the time Josh Duhamel Rolled Up On Me

While DJing in Los Angeles, even I was a bit surprised to see a Josh Duhamel. But moreso because I was actually playing his wife's song when he walked up to me. 

For as long as I can remember, I've had this weird “attribute” about me. It happens when I’m thinking about something and then suddenly that thing or something related to it comes up. It might be a song I'm thinking of that will come on the radio. Or I could be thinking of an actor and as I’m flipping through the TV I come across him on a random showing of a movie at 2 p.m. on a Saturday.

Well it happened again, in Los Angeles with Stacy Ferguson, A.K.A. Fergy Ferg, A.K.A. Fergie, A.K.A. Mrs. Josh Duhamel.

I was in L.A. with Fitbit to DJ at the Mile 22 cheer station of the Los Angeles Marathon. Exactly 28 songs into my “marathon, six hour” gig I figured it was time to drop the Fergie song, L.A. Love … I know, so cliche.

As I started playing it I see this guy walk up with his kid in a stroller. He starts recording me on his phone. This didn’t seem like too out of the ordinary, as it is fairly common that people will take photos or video of me DJing.

However, a minute or so later, I see him still hanging out and smiling back at me. Understand, where I was set-up was not an area that people were standing around and cheering. There were large groups gathered in other areas nearby, and here was this guy, with his kid, just standing behind me.

About 30 seconds later I look back at him, we make direct eye contact and then it hit me. It’s Josh-freaking-Duhamel .... Fergie’s husband!!

I literally shouted out “oh my god,” stunned at the coincidence that had taken place.

As I walked up to him, about five steps away, because remember he was standing so unusually close to me, and said “I just had that song ready to go, I didn’t even see you or realize you were there.”

To which he replied, “That’s funny, I just assumed you saw me walk up and decided to play it. And thanks, she will love it.”

Note he said “she will.” So I’m going to just digest the fact that at some point that day, while they were sitting on their couch at home, Josh showed Fergie a clip of me spinning L.A. Love.

And that’s a memory and an L.A. moment I’ll hold onto forever.

Here's a short video of the moment.

Josh Duhamel does a little lip sync to his wife's song, L.A. Love. F.Y.I., his wife is Fergie.