A live DJ for a yoga flow, spin class or long distance race ... why not?

Besides an encouraging coach and high-fives from teammates, one of the most encouraging elements of a workout is encouraging, upbeat music.

In our mobile device world, personal trainers, spin instructors, yoga teachers and others have access to pre-made playlists and online radio services that make putting together music for their classes easier than ever.

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Today, instructors are partnering with DJs to not only gain the DJs expertise in programming music, but enhance the overall experience of their event or class that a live DJ provides.

Justin Kanoya, of DJ Kanoya Productions, is DJ for fitness classes, yoga and running events. He pulls together more than a decade of experience in playing live music before audiences large and small to help motivate athletes at the following type of fitness events:

  • General exercise classes
  • Yoga events
  • Short and long distance races, (before and after the race)

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