5 Things I Love This Week - Episode #2

A Disney parade, a drumming video, a sweet banana treat, a Toto cover and a DJ mixer

1. Light The Night
Somehow we managed to not bring our daughter to Disneyland for the past 7 years, but we made up for it Labor Day weekend when we spent just around 12 hours at the glorious park. The night was capped off with the spectacular “Paint The Night” parade and fireworks.

There are a few of the images I took … all unprocessed straight from my Nikon P7700.

2. Famous Drummers Talking About Ringo
When I think of a rock and roll drummer, an image of a sweaty, long-haired dude seemingly having a case of temporary insanity with arms flailing all over the place is what comes to mind.

And then there is Ringo Starr, the complete opposite picture of what I’ve just described.

The legendary Beatles percussionist, and his equally legendary four-drum kit, is now on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Prior to permanent display, the video below was shot, giving the opportunity for modern day drumming legends such as Dave Grohl, Max Weinberg and Questlove the opportunity to “drop a beat” on Ringo’s minimalist drum set.

These guys are mesmerized, in the way someone like Tony Gwynn was when holding a Ted Williams bat. This is cool!

3. Allnana Nice Cream
Do you love ice cream but aren’t a fan of all the calories and fat grams it comes with? Then Allnana, an alternative to ice cream, is just for you. It’s a frozen banana delight, minus the dairy and sugar. My friend, Jessica, is the creator, manufacturing it grassroots style, in her own kitchen complete with hand written ingredients on pint containers.

In addition to plain banana, other flavors include vanilla, chocolate walnut, peanut butter and piña colada. For more information, look up “Loveallnana” on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Mike Massé’s Cover of “Africa”
This Colorado-based musician has some pretty amazing covers on YouTube. This is one of the best. Oh, and he also looks a lot like Louis CK.

5. Rane 64 DJ Mixer
My DJ gear of choice has consistently been Denon DJ for so many years. But with my foray into the world of vinyl DJing, I decided to finally make the leap to Rane, a leader in the DJ industry when it comes to  top quality gear. I debated for several weeks between different models, each offering various pros and cons. In the end, I chose the Rane 64 and am glad I did. With onboard MIDI mappable buttons, a scroll wheel so I can navigate my computer directly from the mixer and a host of other features complements my workflow when I am DJing.

It’s the first time I’ve bought a piece of DJ gear and not said to myself, “if only it had this, it would be just right.” Because it really is, just right.