Denon DJ Set-Up For Sale

FOR SALE - $850
2 Denon S3700 CDJs, Denon x600 mixer, Custom Odyssey Case 


Selling a complete Denon DJ system. It includes 2 Denon S3700 CDJs, one Denon x600 mixer and a custom wired Odyssey coffin. The set-up is essentially plug and play as custom exterior panels include XLR outputs, booth outputs and microphone inputs. Addtionally there is a three prong power input as well as two power outputs mounted on the rear of the case.

The CDJs and mixer are all connected to a USB hub. All the user needs to do is connect the hub to their laptop and they are good to go. 

All cabling included too (USB, RCAs, etc. )

I have personally used this system for the past 18 months at various gigs, including weddings and corporate events.

Contact me with questions:

Justin Kanoya: 760-809-6951;

Price: $850

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