DJ Kanoya Restorative Yoga Flow - Live Yoga Music Mix


This is a continuous 60+ minute restorative yoga setlist, originally programmed for the August 22, 2017 Savasana at Sunset taught by Sara Shermis. The first 10 minutes are ambient, useful for a warm-up flow and/or meditation. The pace picks up slightly, with vocal tracks sprinkled in throughout. But the pace is mostly slow, specifically for the restorative nature of the class it was created for.

At 55:27, the music is all ambient for approximately 20 minutes. This gives you a window for both a cool down and savasana.

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Track List

  • Stars Over Foy - At the End of the Ocean
  • Jamie Duvel, Dr. J. James - Follow Your Heart (Ambient Mix)
  • Hanspeter Kruesi - Velvet Suns
  • Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
  • Mike Taylor - Colours (Instrumental)
  • DJ Taz Rashid - At Home
  • Disclosure ft Lorde - Magnets
  • Max Oshourkoff - Jennyary (Secret Voices Ambient Mix)
  • Cheat Codes & Cade - Stay With You
  • Doug Kidder - Tranquility
  • Kamil Esten - Endless Way (Vechigen Endless Ambient Remix)
  • Carl Miles - Calcutta
  • Sam Feldt f./Kimberly Anne - Show Me Love
  • Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
  • Lauv - I Like Me Better
  • Odesza ft WYNNE & Mansionair - Line Of Sight
  • Nagayaki Hushimo - Kurama Silence
  • Florence & The Machine - Stand By Me
  • Banks - Crowded Places
  • Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band - Ramachandra
  • Kaoru Watanabe - Shinobu
  • Michelle Qureshi - Shivasana

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