In My Own Words: A Guest Spot on the Dreamchasers Podcast

Justin Kanoya, a DJ based in San Diego, California. PHOTO CREDIT: Arash Afshar

DJ Justin Kanoya (on right) with Dreamchasers podcast host, Lucas Armando.

DJ Justin Kanoya (on right) with Dreamchasers podcast host, Lucas Armando.

I had the opportunity to guest with Lucas Barra on his podcast, Dreamchasers. It is an audio stream that gives ambitious millennials the tools, resources and inspiration to take their lives to the next level.

Oh, and B-T-W, I am not millennial (despite my use of BTW). But hopefully I can inspire a few.

The uninterrupted interview, in both video and audio form, is at the bottom of this post. Also, the original post is on Lucas' website

Since this is a rather lengthy interview -- nearly 50 minutes -- and we hit a wide range of topics, I divided it up for you to digest at your leisure. If you’ve ever wondered about my career path and what has motivated me to make my current life decisions, have a listen.

1. Beginning of a Career
Growing up I wanted to work for two companies. By the age of 25 I realized that dream and worked for both. And it ended up being a bad thing, sort of.

From Beckett Publications to Upper Deck to the Port of San Diego to DJing, this is my career path since 1995 explained in six minutes.

2. Jumping Industries
After seven years in the sports collectibles industry, I moved into local government. Yes, it’s as weird as it sounds. Then I got married, started raising a daughter and fell into a state of complacency.

3. Becoming a DJ Again
Simultaneous to my new job at the Port of San Diego, I got back into DJing, something I did in high school and college. It was a side job that flourished for the first few years. However, as increased responsibilities were introduced both at work and at home, I saw my DJ business slowly decline.

It was time to decide where to focus my energy.

4. Are You Just Existing?
Are you paying attention to the messages that may be calling you to something different? I finally started paying attention to those signs and that’s when things started to become more clear.

One of those signs was very clear when I started to DJ for Lululemon and getting to know their ambassadors and employees on a personal level. I discovered there was a better life to create and once I create it, I can be filled with work I enjoy.

5. The Little Blog That Started It All
Here’s a little more about how 1,000 words about my journey and a thank you to Lululemon led me to a whole new world of DJing.

I also talk about how upon hearing what inspired Helen Cloots to become a yoga teacher, in part, inspired me to a life as a full time DJ.

6. Taking The Leap
There were key indicators that made me begin to think about creating a different life for myself. What were those? And how will you identify them when they come around?

“Our life is as easy as it is going to get right now, at this very moment.”

Because of this, we truly need to commit to our decisions now.

7. When Waiting Is A Good Thing
I readily admit that waiting to make such a major life decision is not ideal. If you can do it now, then do it now.

But there is an advantage to waiting is gaining more professional experience in your current situation.

I’ve been fortunate to work with major corporate brands and lately have been DJing many evets for Fitbit. I know it’s my experience in a structured environment has given me the skills and demeanor to ensure relationships like those continue to flourish.

8. Go Whole Ass
The idea to commit to one career path is important for you. But it’s probably even more important for the people around you … your co-workers, your clients and customers.

Like Ron Swanson says, “never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

9. Sharpen The Saw
When does a hobby become a career path? If it’s something that you want to continually improve at for the benefit of others, then it’s probably something you should think about putting your all into. The moment you no longer want more responsibility is the moment you need to recognize it’s time to move on.

10. Commit To Your Dream
You must commit, but realize it does not mean a complete 180 degree turn in your life. It doesn’t have to be that you quit your job, sell all you possessions and move to Bora Bora. Perhaps you are just looking to manage a team at work, or work in a different department. If that’s your version of a dream, then let it be known and chase that.

11. Define The Dream
Discover what your purpose is, right now and work toward that. Discover your strengths and surround yourself with people that will enable you to play to those strengths.

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